Renan's Law

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Sheldon Renan ghostwrote the speech for Gordon Moore that became Moore's Law.

The Next Moore's Law: Netness - describes the growing and changing power of connectivity - and why connectivity is replacing Moore's Law as the most important source of opportunity.

It suggests that "everything wants to be connected" because the more things are connected (can communicate) the better things work. It describes connectivity as evolving to become fields rather than networks.

Connectivity is evolving rapidly, in many vectors - the number of networks, connected people, places, and things, as well as the frequency and intimacy of those connections. Things once private become public. We are always connected, though often in a state of "kind of" connection.

A new class of connectivity is emerging, from loosely connected, to closely connected, to embedded. And now, a fourth state - entangled, where connectivity is redundant and overlapping. This alters our perception of time and space. We begin to share time with others.

The worlds of atoms and bits, once separate, now blend together. Connectivity not only shifts our experience of time, but time itself.

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