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Sheldon Renan

Sheldon Renan has written and consulted for major corporations that include Intel, Xerox, SAP, AT&T, IBM, Apple, Sony and Bearing Point. He also consults for the public sector. Government clients range from the U.S. Military Health Service and Department of State to the National Endowment for the Arts and the State of Florida.

Renan is particularly known for his work writing speeches for CEOs and public figures. (He has written speeches for every CEO of Xerox since 1990.) He is considered a specialist at writing keynote addresses for major conferences such as PC Expo, MacWorld, Comdex and DRUPA. While leading a national communications company called Clarity in the 90s, he often served as creative director for major technology and product launches. Themed entertainment industry clients include Disney, Universal Studios, and Busch (SeaWorld).

He began his career writing advertising for large firms in New York and Tokyo. A move to film, television and interactive videodisc led to an assignment writing the script for Intel’s launch of its famed 486 chip. Intel later used Renan to write speeches and strategy for what would become “Intel Inside”, the most successful marketing campaign in the history of technology. In 2000 and 2001, Intel brought Renan back to help create a new technology vision for the coming decade.

Mr. Renan graduated from Yale University. A Rockefeller Grant enabled him to write the first history of experimental media. He founded the Pacific Film Archive at the University of California, Berkeley, and has lectured on media at museums, colleges and conferences around the world. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for eComm, an annual conference on emerging communications. Renan remains an active member of the Writers’ Guild of America. His film and television credits include the movie Lambada, the color TV series The Untouchables, the PBS series The Japanese Film (co-written with U.S. Ambassador to Japan Edwin Reischauer), as well as special episodes of Hercules and Xena and Murder She Wrote for Universal Studios.

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