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A Facebook application that allows you to download a file that can be visualized with a number of network visualization programs.

How to Download Facebook a Social Graph with NameGenWeb


Takes .dl date from NameGenWeb.


Takes .dl files from UCINet and draws them.

Macros and Notepad++

Here's how to run a macro on a .dl file in Notepad++ to show the central node of the social network graph.

Add another number to the node count (n=) at the top of the file.

Copy all single names to end of the list.

Press the record button. Put cursor at end of first person in the new list's last name. Press the down arrow, then hit end, then space and the person's first and last name in CamelCase, no spaces. Hit stop.

Go to Run, and then Run Macro Multiple Times. Choose "Until End of File". You should have your name in the file.

Add the new name, CamelCased, to the first part of the list.

Example Social Graph