How to Download Facebook a Social Graph with NameGenWeb

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Visualizing Facebook Data – A Short Tutorial

Aaron Parecki's Facebook Network


1. Open up Internet Explorer and log into Facebook.

2. Go to

3. Allow the application to use your data, if it asks.

4. The page should look like the image below.


5. Click on the UCInet link (it's in purple).

6. You should see the following page. Don't touch your computer or browser while this process completes. It shouldn't take more than 5-7 minutes. Wait until it says “Thank you for waiting”, “Your network is now available”.


7. Either download the file or right click where it says “this link” and “Save Target As...” to save the file to your Desktop or My Documents folder.

8. If you see something that looks like this, then go to File, Save As, and save the file to your Desktop or My Documents folder.


9. Write an E-mail to with the file attached. I'll send you back a full resolution image of your network.

10. Or follow the following instructions:

Download NetDraw from UCINet. Take the .dl from NameGenWeb and open it with NetDraw. Use K Core analysis to group the clusters of people together. You should get an image that looks like the following:

Unlabeled Social Network Graph with K Cores

A k-core is a maximal group of actors, all of whom are connected to some number (k) of other members of the group. To be included in a k-plex, an actor must be tied to all but k other actors in the group. The k-core approach is more relaxed, allowing actors to join the group if they are connected to k members, regardless of how many other members they may not be connected to. By varying the value of k (that is, how many members of the group do you have to be connected to), different pictures can emerge. K-cores can be (and usually are) more inclusive than k-plexes. And, as k becomes smaller, group sizes will increase.[1]

The uses of NetDraw are broad and intense. You can read more about them at the UCINet learning center.

About UCINet

UCINET is a social network analysis program developed by Steve Borgatti, Martin Everett and Lin Freeman. The program is distributed by Analytic Technologies. UCINET works in tandem with freeware program called NETDRAW for visualizing networks. NETDRAW is installed automatically with UCINET.