Willow Brugh

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Willow Brugh


Willow is an organic chat client, an autocatalytic creator of community. With an honors degree in Sociology from Indiana University, she focuses on the overlap of society, technology, and sexuality. Transhumanism first caught her eye in 2005, and Willow has been running discussion groups on the topic since 2008 in both Bloomington, Indiana and Seattle, Washington. So far the H+ crowning achievement of her geekiness has been speaking at Gnomedex in 2010.

Jigsaw Renaissance, The School Factory, and Geeks Without Bounds now occupy most of Willow's time. All of these are Transhumanism in action - after years of moderating discussion groups, the time to act had come! Hacker and maker communities are building the capital-F Future we've been dreaming of for years, and we get dirty hands! The Seattle H+ Discussion Group continues on at Jigsaw on a monthly basis.


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