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A virtual boyfriend is a respondent program accessible through text or other communication interface for the purpose of intellectual and emotional companionship. These virtual companions are especially popular in dense technological capitals such as Japan, where one's lifestyle is often too busy or complex for sustaining relationships, or where the elements of one's life might be set in a rigid fashion. Interacting with, being cared for by a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend is helpful for those who might not be able to approach people in real life, or prefer a guarentees positive experience versus the often turbulent drama, confusion, heartbreak, time, dedication and/or uncertainty of real life relationships. For some, it's simply a logical choice. For others, an experiment. Still others enjoy the control aspect of it, especially if they have limited control over other aspects of their lives, as is to be expected in modern society.

Virtual girlfriends are not limited to one sex. Virtual Girlfriends are becoming popular at the same rate.



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