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Tele-Synaesthesia: the Telematic Future of the Senses

by Dr. Hugo Heyrman

"Art & Computers: an exploratory investigation on the digital transformation of art." Doctoral thesis, Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1995.

"The computer is a spiritual machine" —UMBERTO ECO

Synopsis: The new media and the Internet enable us to experience different kinds of information which are of a specifically telematic nature and for this reason effectively differ from the usual forms of communication. By linking the concepts tele and synaesthesia to each other, we deal with the fact that the transmission of data creates a synaesthetic effect: tele-synaesthesia, synesthetes are in some sense, people of the future. At the end of the 20th century, the practicable units of time have become digitalised, magnified, and incredibly accelerated. The modalities of our sensorial perception become interactive by means of electronic mechanisms of control and selection. A tele-culture is emerging, subjecting both the perceptual and the conceptual to —strictly speaking— continuous revision.

Keywords: Synaesthesia, Telecommunication, Multimedia, New Media, Sensorial experience,, Interactive art, Internet, Cyberspace, Tele-culture, Telematic culture.

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