Revitalization movement

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"A millenarian movement in which the followers focus on recreating and revitalizing their indigenous culture in response to tremendous pressure to acculturate to the culture of another society that dominates them".

(the hipster movement is an example of this -- attention to record players,typewriters and vintage clothing, or ideas of things that exist as one object and cant be transformed in their use value by the click of a button as possible with a computer screen. the idea of non-reproducible objects in an era of reproducibility. preserving non-digital practices and sets of process such as photography with analog camera and other devices, dark rooms, diy haircuts, intelligence and the study of vintage culture, architecture, printing and graphic design elements. hard work and lots of analog socialization. Unfortunately these items have been fetizished themselves and taken up into modern culture to be endlessly reproduced. as this occurs, the successful hipster must be continually ahead of the cultural erosion line, seeping out new material that has not yet been recolonize and remixed by popular culture. in doing so, ironically bringing culture and eroding past culture with it, fetishising a past that never existed.