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Jake von Slatt: dropped me

Sent at 10:28 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: Jake?

there you are

Jake von Slatt: back online

Willow Bloo: kk

Sent at 10:29 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo has left.

Jake von Slatt: Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain.

Jack: Funny

Jake von Slatt: the web-trust disscussion reminded of that. HP is full of idealized interfaces.

so is StarTrek TNG.

comic sans! Argh!

Jake von Slatt: are you there willow?

Jack: She dropped out a while ago I believe

Sent at 10:49 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo has joined.

Willow Bloo: sweet!

Jake von Slatt: got it!

Willow Bloo has left.

Willow Bloo has joined.

Jake von Slatt: can you see the history?

Willow Bloo: no

please forward it when everything's done

Jake von Slatt: it's breif:

Jack Prince: Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain.

Jack Prince: Funny

Jack Prince: the web-trust disscussion reminded of that. HP is full of idealized interfaces.

so is StarTrek TNG.

comic sans! argh!

Sent at 10:46 PM on Friday

Jack Prince: are you there willow?

Willow Bloo: sweet thank you

Jack Prince: Perception versus imagination?

or a cross between the two

Willow Bloo: sort of

you fill in perceptions

Jack Prince: How do we avoid this?

Willow Bloo: ooh

Jake von Slatt: do you want to?

Jack Prince: Is it possible to do one hundred percent

Willow Bloo: I'll interject when I can

for my own reference, we're at the 34:45 mark

Jake von Slatt: doom vs. zork ?

Willow Bloo: don't know zork

relevent to discussion?

Jake von Slatt: a maze of twisty littla passages, all alike?

Willow Bloo: ah

Jack Prince: Having that helping hand all the time could make us complacent or lazy.

Jake von Slatt: zork is text based

Sent at 10:57 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: not quite what I was going for - I'm lagging the conversation. Zork is text based - it's all fill in by imagination.

ah good!


Sent at 10:59 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: Katamari Damacy syndrome - want to roll up real things

Willow Bloo: yes. listening to soundtrack is dangerous in the car

Jake von Slatt: LOL

Jack Prince: I am so lost when it comes to games. One of my downfalls.

Willow Bloo: not a downfall

Jake von Slatt: I don't play them but gamers are interesting people.

My dad is a big gamer

Jack Prince: I was a controller thrower as a child. I never recovered, and it bled over into everyother game: board, card, etc.

Sent at 11:03 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: actually gamers a good case studies for this - they totally immerse themselves and I'll bet that effect their view of the world when the surface again.

Jack Prince: Books can have the same effect.

Jake von Slatt: totally

Willow Bloo: yes

romance novels are an experience, not good literature

Jake von Slatt: have you read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander? is both.

Jack Prince: Action and questing. Tolkien King

No I haven't

Jack Prince: Couldn't we incorporate the buddhist definition of awareness into our daily life, so that we stay aware of the things around us.


Sent at 11:08 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: many cases of drivers following gps into bad situations

Sent at 11:09 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: LOL! I got lost in Seattle a couple of days ago because I used my iPhone like a GPS. The direction I walked was determined by the orientation it came out of my pocket!

I was thinging of other things - distracted.

Willow Bloo: hee

and thank you for keeping up chatting in here

the total effect will be better if I'm getting feedback in here as well

Jake von Slatt: it's hard!

Willow Bloo: I know

Jack Prince: We should be, dare I say, trained at an early age to use what natural sense we have.

Sent at 11:13 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: yes!

Jake von Slatt: hehehe

Sent at 11:14 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: and success in the marketplace -evolution of the interface itself!

call dropped

Jack Prince: yes

Willow Bloo: sorry

Jake von Slatt: Not your fault! you on Windows?

Blame Bill Gates!

Willow Bloo: I'm on a Mac

but the RAM needs to be replaced

Jack Prince: damn steve

Jake von Slatt: Linux here nooo problems! XD

Willow Bloo: fucking Steve

what kind of rapper name is Steve?

Jack Prince: s t to the eve

Willow Bloo: sorry, Flight of the Concords reference

Jake von Slatt: dropped again - gonna go get a drink - brb

Willow Bloo: arg



Jack Prince: Thanks

Willow Bloo: Jake, let me know when you're back

Jack, sure thing

Jake von Slatt: I'm back.

Willow Bloo: wb

Sent at 11:22 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: any points?

Jake von Slatt: getting back into the convo

Willow Bloo: kk

Jack Prince: Response first adrenalyn later

Sent at 11:25 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: i think part of the response is the adrenalin

Jack Prince: I knew that I spelled that wrong. Hehe

Willow Bloo: i can't spell for crap

Jake von Slatt: Yes!

Sent at 11:27 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: "Fight or flight" but so much of our world requires "chill" which our bodies don't know how to do.

Jack Prince: A lot of times that is correct.

Willow Bloo: yes!

Jake von Slatt: result is stress.

Jack Prince: Practice?

Jake von Slatt: that basically right

Willow Bloo: ok

Jake von Slatt: or when someone give you a hand massage.

Jack Prince: Desensitizing

Willow Bloo: yes

Jack Prince: But is that good or bad, in the long run?

Sent at 11:32 PM on Friday

Jack Prince: Are they luring you in for something bad though?

Willow Bloo: how much do you trust the source of data?

Jake von Slatt: You been watch too many hollywood movies Jack!

Sent at 11:35 PM on Friday

Jake von Slatt: No such thing as old dogs!

Sent at 11:36 PM on Friday

Sent at 11:36 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: 1:18":00

Jack Prince: Plenty of films. But I have seen a lot of ne'er-do-wells that try to sucker you.

Willow Bloo: (sorry, reference)

Jake von Slatt: Cultural difference i.e. Japanese UI design drives westerners crazy.

Jack Prince: Seals and Crofts?


Willow Bloo:

Jack Prince: Bah!

Willow Bloo: bah what?

Jack Prince: I know that there is something else, but some of us like television more than interactivity.

In game format that is

Willow Bloo: is good

I understand

it gives stories, things to talk about, etc

Jack Prince: I like thinking of life as an RPG.

Willow Bloo: we should talk about that sometime

Jake von Slatt:  ;or when we are playing LJ or Myspace

Willow Bloo: yes!

Jake von Slatt: yes!

Jack Prince: Myspace ads me Stephen King constantly!

It's sentient

Jake von Slatt: The Goog is scary smart

Willow Bloo: hee

Jake von Slatt: it means that the understand people, not you in particular.

that how I wrote my college papers.

Willow Bloo: hee


is that your closing remark, Jake


Jake von Slatt: hehe, I don't know that I really have one -


Willow Bloo: noooo worries

Jack Prince: Thanks for including me. Even this chat window is an amazing inclusion.

Willow Bloo: yay!

Thank you so much for joining, Jack

it means a lot

Jake von Slatt: OK: You have to make decision about what to trust, if you trust nothing your won't make progress.

Willow Bloo: I'll post to the LJ and we can chat more

Jack Prince: Academy?


Jake von Slatt: What you trust

Thanks everyone!

Sent at 11:52 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: Thank you Sean!



and Jack!

Jake von Slatt: Sean

to you.

me: Thank you

Willow Bloo: well

Jake von Slatt is typing…

Jake von Slatt: LOL! this was fun but harder than I thought it would be!

Willow Bloo: yeah

I think it'll be smoother next time

Libby says hello, and thanks you for staying on so long

Jack Prince: Patience, I am glad all of you have it.

Jake von Slatt: Hi Libby!

Jack Prince: water time...

Jake von Slatt: tough topic too, so many ways to go.

Sent at 11:57 PM on Friday

Willow Bloo: kk

Red suggests Google Talk next time

as Skype was glitchy

Jack Prince: Something new...

Willow Bloo: and wonders how the chicken nuggets were

Jack Prince: I am a former Luddite here.

Willow Bloo: Jack's all about installing new programs!

Jake von Slatt: I

ah, my KB went away. I ate chicken Shu-Mai, the kids had the nuggets

Sent at 12:00 AM on Saturday

Willow Bloo: aww


alright, signing out

Jack Prince: Later

Jake von Slatt: g'bye!

Willow Bloo has left.

Jake von Slatt has left.

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