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Hyperpresence describes the development of an accelerated form of social, psychological and cognitive availability due to the rise of interactive and distance-based media technologies. These technologies allow for the experience of presence to extend beyond the physical self and into the space of the cell phone or web.

The definition of social presence "suggests that although mediated social presence should be measured against the yardstick of face-to-face communication between two human beings, it may be possible to develop a medium in which one feels greater "access to the intelligence, intentions, and sensory impressions of another" than is possible in the most intimate, face-to-face communication. One aspect of what might be called hyperpresence may be possible in the social presence domain as well"[1].

"The problem for defining this kind of presence experience according to terms of tele-presence is the difficulty to talk about physical distances, about things 'far away' and thus far-present: tele-present. More than this we have to deal with another kind of spatiality making these distances even obsolete and allowing presence to take place in a higher, more spiritual space".[2]


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