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I am always looking for course materials from various courses. If you've taught a class in CyAn, please send me your syllabus. Please contact me if you have a syllabus to contribute.

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Special Topics on Technology and Humanity

Resources for people beginning in digital anthropology: 

The problem with a lot of resources in this area is that they tend to go out of date. I think it is far wiser to invest time in traditional theory and a study of history. This way, one can able to apply insights no matter what kind of sociocultural change is going on. While I'm going to link to a source of living knowledge (this wiki of digital anthropology resources) I'd also like to cite a number of trdtional books that help one step outside the gaze of the everyday experience and into the gaze of understanding systems and strucutres as a whole. 

One of the main benefits of the anthropological perspective (and the historical perspective) is the ability not to be surprised. Most things have occurred before. Everything is pretty much the same, it has just manifested differently. 

The following resources are short, but can be used to learn a bit more. Also see Reading List, Category:Books



  • CTheory is a really great site for keeping up on cutting edge theory.


If traditional anthropologists look to the a culture's literature or mythology in order to understand how they function, a cyborg anthropologist must look at a civilization's science fiction in order to understand how they might function. EscapePod is a podcast that breaks some of the best new science fiction stories out there. It's a constant source of inspiration thinking differently and envisioning people in new systems.