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Transethnicism is a term used to describe a growing subculture of individuals that identify as being part of another ethnic background, though they do not share the same genetic makeup or cultural upbringing at that culture or tribe.

Information consumption on the indie changes what someone feels others should treat them on the outside. Creating and identity production from the inside seeps into the outside, causing identity conflict, and different introspection of ethnic, and sexual identities.

An example may be a 13 year old Caucasian girl living in Ireland that identifies as Chinese, though she has never lived in China and shares no Chinese cultural or genetic makeup.

Much of it could be identified as a more extreme result of transcultural fandom. Much of it is apparently with hardcore anime fans that live outside of Japan, yet identify with many aspects of Japanese culture and even act in the methods outlined in the episodes.

Also noted is an example of a girl who things she is a korean cat, or Handra, a young white man who identifies as a black woman. [1]

Transethnic individuals have received massive criticism in cases where they pretend to be a part of an oppressed class or claim oppression.[2]

The very idea of transethnicism being a real concept is controversial in itself.[3]


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