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  • ...uses of technology, and what these activities tell us about the technology user themselves. Her artwork ranges from game based systems to computer viruses, ...ent Agent, Convergence, and Culture Machine, as well as several books. Her books in English include reload: rethinking women + cyberculture (2002), re:SKIN
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  • ...ate and personal distance...".<ref>[ Wikipedia article on Proxemics]</ref> ...her device, human or object is in certain range of another. For example, a user's GPS-enabled phone could data to the server at regular intervals. These po
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  • ...itors to the BIBAP website to interact in an exciting virtual environment. User interaction causes a “dance story" to unfold for the visitor through shor ...rriers is vulnerable and transient. In this respect, physical things, like books, are worth more. How might textiles work as a storage
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  • *wikipedia view of the world 13:15 Nick on user generated content versus user generated context, amateurs having great taste but not necessarily the skil
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  • in [ Flow (psychology) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]</ref></big> ...designers. We are useless if we don’t increase the quality of life of a user, because that’s what we are here to do".<ref>''Flow, Interaction Design a
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