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Experiment I

Firefox StumbleUpon plugin. Settings to postmodernism, architecture, graphic design, Art.

Results: Popular Sites, blogs.

Refine Results: Refine blog listings. Find platonic design forms. Find those which trickle down the design instpration chains.

Secondary Results: Blogs that connect to blogs.

Refine Results: Follow blog listings to better blogs. Find more exclusive shows, more dialectic.

Results: Postmodernism in transition.

Refine Results: Find sites/blogs that deal with this new transition. What is after postmodernism?

Question: Modernism is constructure, postmodernism deconstructive. Will it be in the middle next? Will be start to reconstruct from the pieces that have scattered every which way?

Answer: Research new art trends, new pop culture.

Results: See the development of the reappropriation of design whose premise is based upon the vintage, the authentic, the fragmented.

Refine Results: Seek out sites that document this artistic movement and who look down at the reapproritation of symbolic values and signs from above.

Results: Exhibits like Mauro Ceolin's SolidLandscapes. Exhibits which take the simracrulum and make it lie. Sites that make the architecture of the videogame into reality. Rebasing the idea of the videogame, taking it out of compressed fake space and putting it into real space. It feel werid and creepy.

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