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Colleges and University Programs

Georgia tech has an interest in collaborating with developers and providing code for next-gen projects. They welcome outside contact. Blair MacIntyre is the faculty member in charge. Contact.

Augmented Reality Discussion Questions

Web and AR

  • How does Web content need to evolve with AR (e.g. extensions to current Web technologies like CSS to support AR)?
  • How might Web browsers need to evolve to become AR platforms?
  • Are the current and planned device APIs sufficient to enable the Web to be used as an AR platform?
  • Can the 3D Web be an effective platform for AR?
  • Is the infrastructure in place to support AR on the Web?
  • What are the potential synergies between between AR and Virtual Reality?
  • Is there sufficient royalty-free, interoperable data available to make AR on the Web a reality?

User interfaces

  • 3D interaction and gestural interface and how these interfaces map onto the Metaphor of the Web.
  • How far can we stretch advanced UI techniques (e.g. 3D navigation) for building more immersive applications?
  • What opportunities are offered by advanced display and immersive projection technology?
  • What opportunities are there for innovative interaction such as haptics, audio, and other non visual interfaces?

Mobile AR

  • What are the existing and emerging mobile AR development environments and toolkits?
  • Are mobile tracking & sensing sufficient for AR?
  • How can mobile presence and cognition be exploited by AR?.
  • What are the latest developments in mobile widgets and mashups for AR?
  • Can AR play a role in media adaptation and content filtering?

Evaluation of AR

  • What user studies and evaluation is relevant to AR?
  • What are the existing standard datasets and benchmarks for AR? (if any).
  • Where are the gaps in the datasets and benchmarks that need to be filled for AR to become more widely available?
  • What does an AR Web site look like for the visually disabled and what extensions would be required to current Web Accessibility techniques?


  • Is there a need for a common infrastructure for points of interest (such as common code/reference, a common database etc.)?
  • What are the available languages for "augmenting" points of interest and what more may need to be standardized?
  • What is the relationship between AR and linked data?