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A term used to describe someone who incessantly sends public updates of their location to social networking sites. This causes a wave of irrelevant data for subscribers. An example would be a person who automatically all of their Foursquare checkins to Twitter. Users subscribed to that person's Twitter feed would receive updates about the person being in location that, for most of the time, mean nothing to them. There are two reasons for this. First, most subscribers and "friends" on social networks are actually contacts. People generally have a small number of close friends whose location actually matter to them, and then only in some instances. Second, Another person's location is meaningful to someone in only a few cases, and this is usually determined on a case by case basis. For instance, if person A lives in Portland, Oregon and has a friend who lives in Japan, then he might want to get notified if his friend from Japan suddenly visits Portland. A person's contact on a social networking site tweeting that they are at a McDonald's three states away is generally irrelevant to the subscriber, and a waste of mental resources to see it in their timeline.