Companion Species Manifesto

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Donna Haraway "uses the term companion species instead of companion animal because humans, as historical and social organisms, have been affected by many species that do not fall into the animal category, such as insects and bacteria. That being said, so as to focus her argument, she bases her manifesto on the companion-species she most cares for: dogs. She hopes to explore significant otherness by taking dog-human relationships seriously, and to demonstrate the importance of history within naturecultures by examining dog-human worlds. Her main goal is to reflect upon human-animal relationships and other naturecultures to better understand our approaches (the good ones and the bad ones) to technoscience studies. She wishes to examine the “history of evolutionary biology” as a species, by studying the other species that grow with us as our helpers, workers, threats/enemies and companions/friends. The idea is to look at how these species are linked to us historically on a social, biological and behavioural level".[1]

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Haraway, A Companion Species Manifesto - Full PDF.


  1. Book Review