Temporarily Negotiated Space

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Temporarily negotiated space is a phrase used to describe the act of negotiating a temporary space for technosocial communication in an otherwise public environment. An example might be a person ducking into an alcove to take a phone call, or someone standing at the far end of a hallway talking on the phone. In each case, a small segment of private space is negotiated be the person on the phone. The space around them is sufficient enough to prevent most from being bothered or eavesdropping on their conversation, but it is not enough to be a completely permanent, private space, such as the office in one's own home.

In Analog Space

Hotel rooms and cubicles provide temporary private space, and sometimes one can sink into them. In these cases, it is easy to find those who inject their "own identity on borrowed spaces"[1] in the form of pictures, decorations and books. A hotel is a temporary private space that is made to look like it has never been occupied. It is a recurring sterile space that cycles through occupancy and cleaning, private and public.

In Digital Space

Facebook, Myspace, blogs, text documents, and profiles are temporary negotiated space. Users of these spaces do not own them. Users are allowed to use them in exchange for our own personal information. See Templated Self.

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