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"Stelarc is an Australian artist who has performed extensively in Japan, Europe and the USA- including new music, dance festivals and experimental theatre. He has used medical instruments, prosthetics, robotics, Virtual Reality systems and the Internet to explore alternate, intimate and involuntary interfaces with the body. He has performed with a THIRD HAND, a VIRTUAL ARM, a VIRTUAL BODY and a STOMACH SCULPTURE. He has acoustically and visually probed the body- having amplified brainwaves, blood-flow and muscle signals and filmed the inside of his lungs, stomach and colon, approximately two metres of internal space. He has done twenty-five body SUSPENSIONS with insertions into the skin, in different positions and varying situations in remote locations" [1], July 17, 2007.

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Stelarc suspensions donated to Art and Design - 3 August 2005

Noboru Tsubaki’s “Penta” vs Stelarc’s “Muscle machine”

My Conversation with Stelarc, The Man with the Ear-Arm, Jen Graves, OCT 12, 2009