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Jarno M. Koponen, MA (Media Lab), MA (Humanities) // Design & Research Manager, Futurist

Working life

Koponen has worked in the field of digital media as a designer and researcher for almost a decade, focusing on the design, research and branding of the interactive digital artifacts and networked environments.

In his research work, he focuses on the study of the emerging forms of digital communication and interactive social realities as well as their effect on the personal and collective futures.

Additionally, he's been working with the explorative design and game concepts as well as artistic projects in varying contexts. His research interests include researching future-oriented game-like environments, social media and related phenomena at Media Lab Helsinki and Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT).


In 2004 Koponen graduated as a Master of Arts (Humanities, FM) with honors from the University of Helsinki with a focus on the studies of intellectual history, literature, philosophy and digital communication.

In 2009 he achieved his second Master of Arts degree (New Media, TaM) with honors from the University of Art & Design Helsinki. At the Media Lab Helsinki and University of Art & Design, he extended my views and insights concerning different aspects of interactive design and related fields of knowledge including media & design research, game and concept design, project management and future studies.

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