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GAMER REVOLUTION - Sunday September 20 & 27 at 3 pm on CBC-TV "Anticipation builds in Seoul, South Korea as 20,000 screaming fans await the arrival of their video game idols for the ultimate game-off - Beatlemania 21st century style. In Romania, teens slave away in a "virtual sweatshop" racking up points for Westerners who are too busy to play their own games. And somewhere in a small town 100 miles from the Arctic Circle, the largest gathering of online gamers in the world is getting underway" [1].

GAMER REVOLUTION explores how computer games are not only a new medium for the 21st century, they are a massive form of change in our world", says Rachel Low, President, Red Apple Entertainment. “The idea of living inside a computer-generated universe is happening right now. The line between the real world and the virtual world is disappearing. Millions of people feel that they have a life inside these games" [2].

Film Details

Special documentary look at how pop culture's 'new dark continent,' video games, are changing the world.

Directors: Marc de Guerre, Ian Hannah Writer: Marc de Guerre

(2007), Part 1 (45 mins.), Red Apple Entertainment.

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