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Digital hygiene is a term used to describe the cleanliness or uncleanliness of one's digital habitat. This could be used to describe one's desktop icons, file structure, folder trees, Photoshop files or harddrive, Facebook page or digital persona. Just as one's body can become unhealthy by the buildup of poor food choices, one's hard drive can become unhealthy by the buildup of viruses, icons and fragmented software.

"Your digital hygiene has to be approached in the same way. You need to build it into your daily routine. Just like you brush your teeth every night before bed, you need to plug your cell phone in every night before bed." [1] The Junk Sleep movement in Singapore called to attention the idea of digital hygiene by encouraging students to turn off their computers at least an hour before they go to sleep[2] in order to allow the brain to shut off and defragment correctly during REM sleep.

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