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Professor Charlotte Magnusson is the leader of the research at Certec on the design of useworthy haptic and audio interfaces for people who are blind or have low vision. She has been responsible for the department participation in the EU projects MICOLE, ENABLED and ENACTIVE. She is currently the coordinator of the EU project HaptiMap.[1]

Charlotte two particular areas of interest. The first is concerned with the use of haptic devices, and how haptics and audio can be used to make different types of complex information and virtual environments more accessible.The second is design and design methodology for persons with and without disabilities. Charlotte is also an experienced programmer, with particular experience from interactive multimodal applications.

Research Interests

  • Non-visual augmented reality
  • Audio-based augmented reality
  • Audio interfaces for location
  • Haptics
  • Social and location-based gaming
  • Non-typical user stories; use of computers by children, the elderly, and the disabled
  • Mixed reality and virtual environments
  • Programming

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