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One of society's oldest dreams has been to create a living machine. To most of us, cyborgs are Terminator or Robocop types who combine artificial robotic strength and firepower with human intelligence/cunning. Yet Gray, a 1994-95 NASA Fellow in Aerospace History, has collected writings that explore real cyborgs (or cybernetic organisms) as any entities that mix the mechanical with the organic. Thus, humans with prostheses or implanted pacemakers qualify as cyborgs. This fascinating assemblage of essays, short stories, and research findings covers the role of this incredible modern technology through its varied uses in medicine, space research, and military applications. Articles are written by experts in the field of cybernetics, including Donna Haraway. This unique work combines scientific fact and science fiction. The bibliography and filmography are invaluable additions. For large public and academic libraries.?Joe Accardi, Northeastern Illinois Univ. Lib., Chicago Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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