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"The quality or nature of a given experience is often referred to by the term qualia, whose archetypical exemplar is "redness". For example, we might ask, "Is my experience of redness the same as yours?" While it is difficult to answer such a question in any concrete way, the concept of intersubjectivity is often used as a mechanism for understanding how it is that humans are able to empathise with one another's experiences, and indeed to engage in meaningful communication about them. The phenomenological formulation of Being-in-the-World, where person and world are mutually constitutive, is central here" [1].

Phenomenology of Online Space and Experience

The phenomenology of online spaces is different for every user, and is dependent upon what sites the user is a part of. For instance, the phenomenology of Facebook causes users to act based on images, events, and personal stories shared through short updates. Twitter has short messages that also contain personal content, but also knowledge and resource sharing.