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Questions are welcome. Send questions [mailto:case@cyborganthropology.com|mail to Case].
Questions are welcome. Send questions [mailto:case@cyborganthropology.com to Case].

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Participate in the research project!

This tool will send your network data to Amber Case, who will then visualize it and send it back to you. You will get a full resolution image of your data in a few days.

Privacy Policy

Your data will be protected and will not be sold to advertisers or shared with others. It is only for purely academic research purposes. Only your friend data will be shared, but nothing about any of your friends or your profile information. No information will be stored except for the image files that result.

Sample Social Graph

Your data will look something like the image below. Results will vary. You will get a high resolution digital file sent to your E-mail account after Case receives your data. Please wait a few days for turnaround time.

Example Social Graph


Questions are welcome. Send questions to Case.