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I am looking for course materials. If you've taught a class in CyAn, please send me your syllabus. You can contact me at caseorganic at gmail dot com.

Sample Syllabus

Communication 340: Media Across Cultures. Spring, 2008 Peter Christenson Office: 370 Howard Hours: Phone: ext. 7614, e-mail peterc

Description of the course. This course has three distinct but related concerns: first, to compare the ways in which various countries and cultures structure and control their mass media; second, to examine the uses of mass media in economic development, particularly in the "Third World"; and third, to examine the patterns and implications of transnational and transcultural media flow. At all times the course material will be presented and discussed in such a way that it both informs us about other approaches to mass media and forces us to evaluate the ways in which our own culture deals with the problems and opportunities presented by mass communication technology. As we will see, differences in cultural values, political systems and national resources have produced a wide range of developments in the mass media. We should not assume that the U.S. system is the only possible structure or the best--even for us. Finally, we should be aware of the dominant role the West (especially the United States) has played in global communication, and of the considerable resentment this domination has produced among the media-weak countries and regions of the world. This course places a great deal of emphasis on the input and participation of the students. There will be some lectures, but discussion and criticism are always invited—indeed, such discussion is crucial to the success of the course. Note that new material not covered in the readings is introduced at times, sometimes in the form of short lectures, but just as often in the form of media materials such as video clips, samples of newspaper output, and popular music. Regular attendance and participation is highly recommended (and noticed).


1. Anokwa, Lin & Salwen, International Communication (Thompson-Wadsworth, 2003)

2. Reserve readings.

Requirements and grading: Paper 15% Panel presentation 15% 2 exams at 25% each 50% Unannouced "quiz opportunities"-- (6 or more, keep best 5), 1% each 5% Interview assignment 10% Class participation, informal assignments 5% ------ 100% �Schedule of Topics and Readings

Note: "ALS" indicates a reading from the book by Anoka, Lin & Salwen. Others are on electronic reserve, listed by author's last name. To save space, multiple-authored readings are indicated by the first author's name followed by a + sign. The letter H after an entry means I supply it as a handout.

Date, activity. Reading

Jan. 23 Introduction to the course. --- ---

28 The global context and a quick history Stevenson 1-23, Palmer 1-21

31 No class. FOCUS THE NATION! --- Feb. 4 Communication between cultures. Stevenson 25-54

6 English: the global language. Moving Stevenson 81-102, Head 1-7, ALS pp. 1-4 into media. ---

11 US/Canadian media. Bird 61-83, National Council 21-35, Lucas (H)

13 US, cont. British media. Mayer 479-95, Wheatcroft+ 7pp., Evans 99-122, Boyd 83-94 --- 18 British, European media. Griffin 39-57, Rowland+9-27, Hulten 237-48

20 News in the West. Stevenson 105-112, Hachten 29-40, Hoge 48-52 --- 25 The world in US news. ALS 89-110 & 153-71 Straubhaar 89-109

27 "Consuming Hunger." Adams 54-60 --- March 3 Asian news practices. ALS 24-46 & 205-222

5 Propaganda. ALS 47-87 ---

10 EXAM I.

12 Media in the developing world. Reeves 1-22 & 185-200, Russian media 1. Medetsky 1-5 ---

17 The media in Russia 2. Lupis 28-39

19 Media in Africa. Nigeria. Aginam 121-142, Olorunnisola 99-114 ---


31 Media and national development. Stevenson 231-259, ALS 129-152

April 2 Media and the Arab world. ALS 239-252, Hussein 112-130 --- 7 No class--catch up on reading!

9 Media in Asia. India. ALS 205-222, Rao 131-144, Kang+ 293-301

--- 14 Global issues: film. ALS 175-189

16 Global issues: popular music. Colista+ 181-94, McPhail 106-116

--- 21 Global issues: advertising. ALS 190-204, Mueller+ 225-244

23 The Big Picture 1. Demers 51-60, ALS 223-238, Pells 1-5

--- 28 The Big Picture 2. Barber 1-20, Hart+ 250-282

30 EXAM 2.